nDura Case Studies

Project: WeWork New York City, NY

Installer: Nationwide Industrial and Commercial Surface

Products:  nDura Artisan Series

Challenge:  Countertops had to be fabricated off-site Fast turn-around – clients were working in the space during the time of installation.

Situation: Nationwide working with the with the interior design team at WeWork. The design they were aiming to achieve was concrete furniture that appeared to be cast-in-place. WeWork did not have the time frame to perform the work on site.
Nationwide created custom concrete surfaces for the WeWork offices in New York City. Lead designers at WeWork collaborated with Tom Nissen and Steve Carmosin at Nationwide to select a product with the proper finish for the custom work at the new office. Construction managers required a tight one-week schedule with multiple trades working at once. The crowded space and time constraints limited working time on-site.

The nDura Artisan Series was recommended as the finish for the concrete surfaces throughout the WeWork office. Nationwide preformed all mill work for the counter tops, legs, tables and planters at their shop off site. Once the pieces were formed the installers applied nDura finish allowing transport and install without disrupting other trades in the building.