nDura DEC (Decorative Exterior Coating)

  • nDura DEC (Decorative Exterior Coating)

The nDura DEC system consists of a carpet of aggregates with the standard size approximately 1/2″ thick.

The aggregates are washed and fire-dried. Due to the erosion in riverbeds the sand was processed for millions of years, resulting in it being beautifully rounded off and thus not broken.

The coloring is done at a high temperature and with specially developed coatings, producing very high quality which is more wear-resistant.

The aggregate is then mixed with a resinous binding agent. Our installers then spreads the small stones using a trowel. No seams are required which is ideal for interior retail environments as well. Which creates a monolithic floor that does not draw attention from the merchandise.

Topical options are also available for a gloss or matte finish. The nDura DEC system is also suited for areas that require high slip resistance floors.


Residential DEC System

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Design ideas

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