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Here’s a glance at some of our latest success stories. Please visit the nDura concrete color pages to request samples for your project. For more information about our products contact steven@ndurasystem.com.

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The Village, 4 Star Point Stamford CT

In Progress 2021

Architect: MDKA

General Contractor: Pavarini North East

Scope & Material: approximately 7,200 Sq. Ft / nDura Delray concrete

This project is designed to incorporate concrete throughout two floors. Which will include hallways, main lobby areas,  elevator lobbies, and additional rooms.

The Village, 4 Star Point Stamford CT second year walk through  

March 2023 nDura Delray Concrete

Pre-Cast & Artisan hand troweled finishes

We provide services for pre-cast elements, surfaces, steps & risers, platform designs, and hand applied artisan toppings.

nDura Boxset addition 2020

We are pleased in announce the launch of the 2020 nDura Box Set.

Contact us about your project details to receive a complete set of the nDura color system kit.


532 W 20th St. New York, NY

Architect:Palett Architects

Design Architect: DDG

General Contractor: Shawmut

Scope & Material: Lobby of a multi-unit residential building. An area of approximately 538 square feet. nDura Flex Kendal


51st New York, NY

Completion date: April 2021

Architect: Perkins + Will Architecture

General Contractor: JT Magen

Scope & Material: approximately 5,000 Sq. Ft / nDura Flex Rome & Milan 800 sheen, pre-cast Flex cladding

This project is designed to incorporate two nDura Flex colors throughout the multi floor space. Which will include hallways, main lobby area,  elevator hallway, and pantry. Its high resistances to cracking and staining make it a prefect solution for this commercial environment. Pre-cast panels will clad a two tier platform design with a water feature that will be located next to the main staircase.

Pre-leveling phase 1

Cleaned and Burnished Finish Phase 2


Residential nDura DEC installation

New York,

Completion date: June 2020

Material: Multi Flint & Ozark Blend,


Legal & General

750 Washington Blvd. Stamford , CT

Completion date: May 2020

Architect: MKDA

General Contractor: GTL Construction

Scope & Material: 2,200 Sq. Ft / nDura Flex Sanibel White 800 sheen


Lili Lotan

1184 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Completion date: March 2020

Clients: Lili Lotan

Scope & Material: 1,800 Sq. Ft / nDura Flex Tribeca 800 Sheen


11 Hoyt, Brooklyn NY 

Brooklyn NY,

Completion date: May 2021

Architect: Studio Gang Architects

General Contractor: Triton Construction

Mock up completion date: November 2019

Client: Plaza Construction

Scope & Material: 8,000 Sq. Ft / nDura Flex Tribeca 400 Sheen


One DAG Corporate Office

888 2nd Ave New York, NY,

Completion date: November 2019

Specifier: Fogarty Finger Architect

Scope & Material: 6,000 Sq. Ft / nDura architectural Concrete system, color Tribeca 600 Sheen

This multi floor corporate office space consist of nDura concrete hallways and corridors that transition into carpet, hardwood and tile flooring. As well as elevator lobbies with concrete flooring and pre-cast concrete wall moldings. The nDura polished concrete floor system is idea for high traffic areas.